“Following a busy couple of years, I was in desperate need of a proper bookkeeping service. Linden Accountants came to the rescue. Now I can concentrate on developing my business.”

About Us

Linden Accountants Limited is a family business that handles accounts, bookkeeping, credit control and payroll for a wide variety of clients, from small local firms to companies with multi-million pound turnovers.

Reading the above, we probably sound like any other local accountancy firm. But we’re not a room full of boring number crunchers who get excited by the release of a new model of calculator.

We are 3 brothers – Michael Grant, Steven Baptiste and David Baptiste - and we know there is more to life than numbers. Each of us was asked by our mother, Kate, to work for City Accounts, the former incarnation of our business which she ran for over 15 years. When she decided to step down earlier this year, we asked her to come and work for us instead.

We offer a professional and friendly service which draws on our decades of combined experience to meet the high standards our clients expect and deserve. Proud of our existing reputation in the Bristol area and beyond, we are actively seeking new clients to further expand our business.

But beyond that, we enjoy a fun working environment listening to 6Music and catching up on Twitter. We like to share a cake and a cup of tea with our clients, and we write you emails that are about more than just dry HM Revenue & Customs guidelines.

We’d like to work with you to help you run your business in peace without having to worry about tax and statutory deadlines. So drop us an email or give us a call. There’s more to life than numbers. Let us handle the boring stuff.