“Our business employs a large number of staff, and Linden Accountants provides us with a comprehensive and accurate payroll service. Someone is always on the other end of the phone if we have a staffing issue that requires immediate attention.”

Statutory Accounts

It’s a common problem: you have folders full of invoices and bank statements for your business, which somehow need to be magically transformed into a set of accounts for submission to Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs. Oh dear.

Help is at hand, however. The preparation of accounts, for internal and external reporting purposes, is one of our core services. Whether you give us a simple set of papers or fully reconciled computerised data, we ensure that your accounts are prepared and submitted before the statutory filing deadlines so that no penalties are incurred.

Although the primary aim of such statutory accounts is to report on the performance and financial position to the stakeholders of a business, we can also advise you on the following other factors:

  • The resulting taxation consequences.
  • The way in which the accounts are presented to bankers, potential investors, credit rating agencies and your competitors.

We are also mindful that your tax liability is related to these results, and whenever possible we actively seek to save you tax.